The Sandman and the Dagger

The Sandman

45 years of Flight Experience Across Every Sector of Aviation

Mo began his flying career in 1975 as an Air Force Officer Training Cadet at Louisiana State University where he was the Cadet Corps commander.  He graduated on the Dean’s list with degrees in Business and Public Administration and two minors: economics and computer science. Upon graduation he was awarded a regular commission as the distinguished graduate in his class of 4000 ROTC cadets.  While a cadet he completed the US Army Airborne Infantry course, Ft Benning , GA. The only member of his cadet corps to do so. 

He then went to US Air Force pilot training at Vance AFB, Oklahoma and graduated near the top of his class.  Recognized for his technical skills and leadership ability, he was the only member of his pilot training class selected for a flight instructor position with the German Air Force at Sheppard AFB, Texas. While there, he achieved Master Flight Instructor Status, having logged more than 1000 primary jet instructor hours without an incident or accident.  Mr. Rolfs was also recognized as an outstanding performer by three separate evaluation organizations at the Major Command and Air Force level.  First by the USAF Inspector General then the Air Training Command Standardization and Evaluation Team and again by the German Air Force Operational Evaluation Element.  After his assignment with the German Air Force, he went on to fly fighters at various locations throughout the world, serving 24 years and commanding at the squadron and operations group level. Mr. Rolfs has logged pilot in command time in the T-37, T-38, F-4, A-10, F-16, and more than 50 military and civilian aircraft from the J-3 Cub to B-17. His first overseas assignment was to Suwon AB, Republic of Korea as an initial cadre member of the first operational A-10 squadron, the 25th Assam Dragons.   



While there he was Chief of Operational Plans and Air Liaison to the 2/75th US Army Ranger Battalion. His other assignments include a tour of duty with the United Kingdom Royal Air Force and at NATO Headquarters as a general officer aide and as initial cadre for the NATO Rapid Reaction Air Force.   He has been instrumental in the building of two operational fighter squadrons:  First as Director of Operations for the 354th “Bulldogs” at McChord AFB, Washington and then as the Commander of the 70th “White Knights” at Moody AFB, Georgia. The 70th White Knight set a post World War II record while under his command by going from five personnel and zero aircraft to 384 personnel, 27 aircraft, and Initial Operational Capability, then deployment to combat in just nine months. 


Following his tour as squadron commander he was assigned to the Requirements Directorate, Headquarters USAF, The Pentagon.  As Chief of Requirements he led multiple and inter-disciplinary joint teams in the development of requirements roadmaps to define the strategic and operational capabilities and systems for Theater Ballistic Missile Defense, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, and Close Air Support. 

While serving as the senior Air Force liaison officer to the US Army National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin, CA, and commander of the “Raven” Squadron, his unit was awarded the Hoyt S, Vandenburg Trophy for best training unit in the Air Force.  During his 20-month tenure at the NTC the Ravens provided Close Air Support (CAS) training to 18 USAF Squadrons and US Army battalions.  The unit was also instrumental in the tactical integration of drones into the US Army battalion battlespace and CAS operations.


While deployed to Kuwait during Operation Southern Watch, Mr. Rolfs served as the senior Air Force member of the US Ambassador to Kuwait’s Military Team.  He has logged seven ocean crossings in the A-10 involving deployments to Europe and Southwest Asia.  He is a graduate of the US Air Force Command and Staff College, US Army Command and General Staff College, NATO Defense College, Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Staff Officers College, NATO Staff Officers Course, and the US Army's Joint UAS Tactical Leadership Course. He has a Masters in Military Arts and Sciences. 

Immediately after retirement, Mr. Rolfs started an air cargo company specializing in the transportation of radioactive water for medical purposes.  When he sold his share four years later, the company had grown from one aircraft with Mr. Rolfs as the only pilot to five operating locations from Shreveport, Louisiana to Denver, Colorado; a fleet of 17 aircraft transporting materials to nationwide locations from Salt Lake City, Utah to Atlanta, Georgia.  His next career adventure took him into the cockpits of corporate jet aircraft where he flew Citation 500 series aircraft with a single pilot waiver and other, larger corporate jets worldwide.   



In 2005 he accepted a defense contracting job as Lead Project Manager for the Secretary of Defense Joint Digital Integration for Combat Engagement (JDICE) program.  Upon completion of that program in 2010, he became the Subject Matter Expert for Concept of Operations Development at the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Unmanned Systems Center of Excellence.  In that position he worked with all branches of the military and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to develop the first Joint Concept of Operations for Unmanned Aircraft.  This work lead him to the position of Director of Information Technology Support to the USAF Combat Drone Program as a Defense Contractor with the URS Corporation. ​After three years in that position, URS promoted him to Director of Unmanned Systems Commercial Development. 

He held that position for two years.  While there he began to see the opportunities available in the emerging drone market, especially in the use of drones for agriculture. 

As a result, he left URS in 2013 after purchasing an aerial application service in Louisiana where he trained crop dusters and worked as one for over three years.


He used this experience to develop drone technology and operational concepts that are being used today through out the world in support of precision agricultural practices.     


Mr. Rolfs is a certified Project Management and Board of Certified Safety Professionals Safety Trained Supervisor. He is a recognized expert in Federal Aviation Regulations governing all aspects of manned and unmanned flight.  He is a decorated combat veteran; having earned two Air Medals and two Meritorious Service Medals.


Mo is married to the former Kathryn Marie Mulligan.  She is graduate of the United States Military Academy (West Point) and served 8 years in the US Army, most notably as a Blackhawk pilot with the 101st Airborne Division. _______________________________________________________________



100's of Flight Hours for Disaster Relief, 1000's of hours of trigger time

Armando began flying at a very young age.  The son of a Vietnam veteran and  US Navy F-4 pilot, Armando was introduced to the cockpit at the age of 5 and was piloting his family's Mooney Rocket by the time he was 16.  Having been born and raised in Puerto Rico he became familiar with the aftermath of hurricanes, earth quakes, and many other natural and man made disasters he experienced during his flights throughout the Caribbean.  Memories and experiences he never forgot.  

Like most young men growing up in Puerto Rico, Armando was trained and excelled in the art of boxing.  The mental and physical challenges of the sport appealed to him.  So it was no surprise when he decided to enlist in the US Army looking for something that would test his physical and mental toughness. He excelled, earning a commission as an officer, and successfully completing special forces training.  Eventually he became a commander for one of the US Army's elite Special Forces units.  He has logged combat time in direct action in 7 countries.  Throughout his US Army career he maintained his flying currency and sometimes used it in the conduct of covert missions.  

                  Armando served 23 years and achieved recognition as an instructor in numerous weapons, hand to hand combat techniques and as a tactical special operations expert.  He is a graduate of Canterbury University England where he earned a Masters in Business Administration with a minor in International Juris.

Armando retired from the US Army in 2005 as a colonel.  He became a consultant and part owner of a major DOD contracted security force which he helped found.  In 2010 he sold his share and embarked on another career path that would also test his mental and physical toughness --- cattle ranching.  From near nothing, Armando created one of the largest and most successful beef cattle businesses in Texas.  But he never forgot those experiences from his time in Puerto Rico.

When Hurricane Maria hit his native island he rushed down there, living in a generator power supplied hotel for over a year.  During this time he flew dozens of different aircraft on a voluntary basis moving critical supplies, injured and sick people, and information throughout the Caribbean and to Florida.

It was during this time that he knew he had to develop an aviation company dedicated to helping meet the needs of those in the aftermath of a disaster.

When he and the Sandman were reunited by fate, he was certain it was time to move forward with his brother in arms on board.  Armando is a member of several volunteer disaster relief agencies that include:


Armando is married to Melody Ancira of Monterrey, Mexico.  She shares his love for flying and has accompanied him on many of his disaster relief missions. She was with him during the entire year he flew relief missions in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria



Armando and Mo live within blocks of each other in the greater Houston, Texas area.  They enjoy flying, eating good food, and finding ways to turn their desire for adventure into service to those in need.  And strive to obtain all three on any given flight.

The Dagger and The Sandman are available for group speaking engagements on topics of leadership, aviation support to disaster relief, and what it means to be a warrior for God and Christ.

They run an annual Joshua, Warrior of God, 3 week boot camp for men ages 20 to 45 every October.  The course is limited to 12 men.  For more information you can contact them at